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Our laboratories have a broad range of capabilities, backed by a project planning team of experienced chemists capable of designing optimal synthetic routes in response to inquiries for both new and known compounds. Our services are broadly segmented as below mentioned categories

Synthetic Chemistry Services

• Synthesis of high-quality Pharmacopeia & Non-pharmacopeia reference standards

• Synthesis of Drug substance (API) working standards

• Synthesis API related compounds (Drug Impurities), Drug Metabolites, Genotoxic impurity standards,

• Synthesis of stable Isotope labelled reference etc.,

• Custom synthesis of impurity compounds on client’s request

• Synthesis of KSM and Intermediates of API’s Viz., Oncology, ARV’s, Contrast Media etc.,

Process Development for KSM and Intermediates of API and API’S

•JS labs emerged in to the field of Key starting materials and Intermediates of Oncology, Anti retro viral, Contrast media API, s etc.,

•Development work of few KSM’S of oncology products and Contrast media API, s under progress.

•We undertake Development, Process optimization & Scale up activities of KSM, INTERMEDIATES OF API’S & API’S on costumer requirement also.

Impurity Isolation and Purification

• Isolation and Purification of known and unknown impurities from mg to gm scale is done by our extremely talented team of scientists.

• We have executed most critical isolation and purification projects i.e., isolation and purification of Known and unknown impurity from Drug product (Formulation product) and Drug Substances (API’s.)

• After isolation and purification of known and unknown impurities from API and Drug products and it is be analyzed by LC-MS, HPLC,1H NMR& C NMR, FT-IR and Elemental analysis (CHNS) to confirm structure and provider SER Report.

Regulatory Support

• We support our clients during their development work, validation, regulatory filings (ANDA/DMF etc.,) and extend our support if any regulatory queries with adequate technical justification acceptable to regulatory authorities (FDA, EU etc.,)

Fine Chemicals